Oltre il Giardino: a magical place

Oltre il Giardino: a magical place

A little piece of paradise for a romantic getaway.

Behind the door, there is the garden, the olive trees, magnolia, and even the canal. This hotel, which was the home of painter and musician Alma Mahler, successively the wife of composer Gustav Mahler, architect Walter Gropius, and novelist Franz Werfel creates the feeling that every traveller wants to experience: that of being at home. Since then, the house has been turned into a hotel, but you can sense the characteristic Venetian charm and artistic inclinations of its previous occupants.

The owner has furnished the six rooms with furniture and family paintings, and all accommodations overlook the garden outside, a rare feat in the heart of the city. This is where you may read and reread the great authors that Venice has inspired, while listening to Gustav Mahler's symphonies or those of Natanael Berg. Every carefully refined detail is an invitation to a simple, contented happiness.

Oltre ill Giardino
Fondamenta Contarini San Polo 2542
30125 Venezia

+39 041 275 0015


Rooms: from 180 EUR