Nishisaka: for its shabu-shabu

Nishisaka: for its shabu-shabu

A ‘kaiseki' (gastronomic restaurant) in the heart of Kyoto's Gion district, here one enjoys, among other things, the ‘shabu-shabu', a Japanese fondue with thin slices of beef.

Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the historical district of Gion. At the corner of one of them, you will come upon Nishisaka. You will be seated Japanese style, i.e. on the ground, legs at 90 degrees. No fear, though, as your host will provide cushions for foreign visitors! Comfortably installed, the feast can begin.

On the menu, the great food of Kyoto, but your attention focuses here on the shabu-shabu. It is a Japanese take on fondue when a pot is brought to the table: heat the broth with a gas flame in which you soak tofu, cabbage, some mushrooms, and Japanese noodles. You then spear the thin slices of beef with the stick and plunge them for a few seconds into the broth, before seasoning them with soy sauce and popping them in your mouth. It's so good and so addictive that all the tables around you have ordered the same thing. So be like everyone else and order the shabu-shabu!

Gion Nishizaka
570-239 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto
Kyoto Prefecture 605-0074

+81 (0)7 5533 2433

Menu: around 8,000 JPY