Ngor: the queen of Dakar islands

Ngor: the queen of Dakar islands

Just a short 400-metre pirogue ride from the mainland, Ngor Island has a calm bay on the Dakar side and big waves on the Atlantic side, to its north.

A location just north of the Cap-Vert peninsula, home to Dakar, means you will be here in no time at all.

A mini-paradise, just 500 metres long and 200 metres wide, this is where you can find the best of Senegal on a sunny afternoon. Enjoy the fresh sea air, rest on the beaches; or take a walk through the narrow streets that wind between the villas. Part of the famous movie, The Endless Summer, a 1964 surf documentary, was filmed here, and today the Ngor Island Surf Camp attracts wannabe surfers for reasonably priced private lessons. A great place for a break!

Ngor Island