Napo Wildlife Center, ecofriendly lodges in the Amazon rainforest

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Napo Wildlife Center, ecofriendly lodges in the Amazon rainforest

In the Yasuni National Park, the Napo Wildlife Center will offer you a stay that ensures minimal environmental impact, in a fight to preserve its exceptional natural landscape.

At Napo Wildlife Center in the heart of the Yasuni National Park, the lodges have been built on the banks of a lagoon, which you will discover as you disembark from a dugout canoe off the Napo River. Here you are, Robinson Crusoe for our modern times, with hot running water and electricity to boot. The local Añangu community operates the bungalows according to principles dictated by ecotourism, and with sheer respect for the Amazon rainforest. Furniture has been crafted using wood from sustainable timber forests and energy is being produced by means of solar panels. As for waste water, it is ecologically treated so as not to damage surrounding swamps. An ideal setting for nature lovers and ecotravellers who wish to enjoy the most comfortable amenities available.
As you wake up, the only sounds you will hear will come from the forest: water flowing, birds chirping, otters parading and monkeys calling one another through the foliage… And as soon as you set foot on the terrace, you will revel in the unique panorama that spreads before you: the luxurious Amazon jungle in all its glory.

Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge
Añangu Lake
Parc national Yasuni
Coca 220150

+593 (0)2 600 5893

Rooms: from 1,594 USD for 4 days and 3 nights