Naan lends street food some prestige

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Naan lends street food some prestige

Naan showcases worldwide street food inspired cuisine.

In Santa Catalina, the trendiest neighbourhood when it comes to fine dining, Naan Street Food is one of these restaurants that should not be missed. There, the atmosphere is elegant and relaxed, with an open kitchen, high chairs and tables and the Rolling Stones or Lou Reed as background music. As for the food, it displays some fusional links between all street foods from around the world. Regulars and tourists alike gather to enjoy a Ceviche Naan, blending Peru and India, a revisited American Lobster Roll or the famous fish tacos, real star of the menu. Chef Nicolas Malenchini offers whole or half servings, which is an ideal way to try different flavours. It is also customary to share several dishes with your friends. Do not hesitate and live this pleasant and joyful moment to the full!

Naan Street Food
Carrer de Caro, 16
07013 Palma de Mallorca

+34 971 91 55 22 

Menu: around 25 EUR