Mwara: a beach worthy of Robinson Crusoe

Mwara: a beach worthy of Robinson Crusoe

With its white sandy beach, red earth and lagoon singing in subtle harmony, the palette of colours at Mwara beach is bold and striking.

Standing at the gateway to the “forgotten coast”, an area unspoilt by human activity and only accessible by sea, Mwara beach is a magnificent stretch of wild, exotic coastline. This fine, sandy, palm-lined beach is the perfect spot for a day relaxing, cut off from the rest of the world. It is also home to an incredible reef of brightly-coloured coral. Don't miss out on the chance to go snorkelling and get acquainted with the underwater life. It's not uncommon to see a dugong down there, which seems to have decided to make the bay its home. You can picnic in one of the equipped areas between the palm trees lining the beach. A few kilometres along the coast is the famous La Joliette shipwreck, an early 20th-century ore carrier used to transport nickel from Thio to Nouméa. Nowadays, it's a popular spot for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Follow the old ore roller out into the ocean to find it.

Mwara Beach