All of Cameroon's heritage at the National Museum

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All of Cameroon's heritage at the National Museum

After several years being renovated, the emblematic National Museum opens again. It covers the entire history of the country, from the arrival of Portuguese sailors till now.

The Governor of Yaoundé's palace was transformed into the presidential one. The National Museum then took up the spot and launched renovation works in 2009. Since it opened again in January of 2015, this 5,000 m2 area has found a new life.

The museum acquired several hundreds of rare and traditional items to offer Cameroonian culture a wide range of expression, exalting in the unity and grandeur of the country.

Before you even set foot in this splendid museum, you will be impressed by the series of bronze statues which dress the front yard and pay tribute to the bamoun people. Once inside, you will enjoy wandering through huge areas that present relics of an ancient lifetime (music instruments, kitchen utensils…), attributes of traditional nobility – especially the ngii, a tribal wooden mask – but also portraits of celebrities who have made the political and cultural history of Cameroon since its Independence.

Musée National du Cameroun
Quartier du Lac

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