Museo Pedro de Osma: a confidential address in Barranco

Museo Pedro de Osma: a confidential address in Barranco

Don Pedro de Osma Gildemeister, a noble philanthropist and non-conformist, once lived in this elegant Baroque-style castle.

Building this house in Barranco in 1906, at the time a decrepit village without any history, demonstrated the pioneering personality of Don Pedro de Osma Gildemeister. As did his filling it with a remarkable collection of colonial art.

Once a week, Don Pedro agreed to receive foreigners to expound on his passions and treasures. When he died, his heirs, through a foundation, followed in his footsteps, expanding the collection and keeping it open to the public: the love of art cannot survive if it is not shared. A national monument since 1987, it is now a full-fledged museum.

Among its key pieces are paintings from the Cusco School and the School of the Spanish Golden Age, including Flight into Egypt by Zurbaranesca, an Inquisition-era inkwell, and a Madonna by Mendoza. There is a small cafeteria in the garden.

Museo Pedro de Osma
Pedro de Osma Avenue 421
Lima 15063

+51 (0)1 467 0141