Museo de las Casas Reales: former seat of royal institutions

Museo de las Casas Reales: former seat of royal institutions

Inaugurated as a museum in 1976 in the presence of Spain's King Juan Carlos I, the most-visited monument in the capital is this former office of the president.

Long before being turned into a museum, these two interlinked buildings with beautiful courtyards both of them imposing examples of classical architecture were the headquarters of the main institutions of the Spanish crown during the 16th century. They harboured the Captaincy General, the Royal Treasury, the Royal Audience, and the first Court of Justice in the New World, which had authority over all the courts of America. The construction of the buildings ended in 1520. The entrance is through the main facade of the building, decorated with the coats of arms of Emperor Charles I of Spain and the island of Hispaniola.

On exhibit are treasures found in Dominican waters tracing the national history of the arrival of the Conquistadors up until 1821, the date of the first independence. The entire Spanish period of the island can be seen through maps, weapons, and objects of all kinds showing the everyday life and customs of the time. A rare and interesting curiosity is an apothecary cabinet with ceramic pots of medicinal plants presented in a rigorous alignment.

El Museo de las Casas Reales
Las Damas
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