Mucem, when the old ways answer to modernity

mediterranean culture
Mucem, when the old ways answer to modernity

The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, a modern and poetic work of architecture, pays tribute to Euro-Mediterranean societies.

Created by the architect Rudy Ricciotti, this museum is dedicated to contemporary Euro-Mediterranean cultures. Spanning some 45,000 sqm, the Mucem brings together anthropology, history, archaeology, art history, and contemporary art. It has something for everyone, presenting a cultural, social, scientific, and political perspective on the civilisations that have shaped the Mediterranean world from prehistory to the present.

The Mucem is above all a poetic place, where the old meets the new across three different sites: the heart of the ensemble, J4, hosts the Gallery of the Mediterranean and a temporary exhibition hall. It is also home to a children's corner, an auditorium for the presentation of shows, concerts and film series, a bookshop, and a restaurant with a panoramic terrace. Fort Saint-Jean, completely restored and connected to J4 via a footbridge jutting out above the sea, offers visitors a stunning panorama. Stroll through the new Mediterranean garden and discover the Mucem's many popular arts and traditions collections. The Conservation and Resource Centre (CCR), in the district of La Belle de Mai, provides a unique opportunity to explore the full wealth of the Mucem's collections, including almost 250,000 artefacts, 130,000 paintings, prints and drawings, and 450,000 photographs.

Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (Mucem)
7 promenade Robert Laffont
13002 Marseille

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