Moroccan cuisine at Almaz by Momo

Moroccan cuisine at Almaz by Momo

A restaurant serving delicious oriental dishes in a stunning decor.

After winding through the shops of the Mall of the Emirates, head over to the Moroccan restaurant, Almaz by Momo, for a relaxing time.

As soon as one gets inside, the myriad finely crafted traditional iron lamps literally flood the space with a bright colour palette. Impressive and stunning zellige mosaics take you for a moment to Fez or Marrakesh, to the soothing rhythms of traditional music.

Once you are comfortably seated in plush sofas, savour tagines and couscous, while a server pours a delicious mint tea.

Almaz by Momo exudes sweet aromas generated by its hookah lounge, where you can smoke shisha alongside Dubai natives. Mourad Mazouz has recreated what made his successful establishments in Paris (Duff, the 404, Andy Wahloo) and London (Momo, Sketch) a change of scenery without being ostentatious.Totally bohemian chic.

Almaz by Momo
Mall of The Emirates
Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O. Box 211186, Dubai

+971 (0)440 98877

Menu: around 126 AED