MORI Building Digital Art Museum

MORI Building Digital Art Museum

Dedicated to digital art, the MORI Building Digital Art Museum immerses you into interactive universes all more enchanting than the other.

A team of museum artists and engineers from the TeamLab Borderless group devised this crazy project: revolutionising the museum gesture and offering an unprecedented interactive adventure that breaks the boundaries of digital creation. Cutting-edge techniques are therefore being used in an approach that is at once experimental and organic. Over more than 10,000 sqm, the museum offers you a new way of coming to terms of art, space and the interaction with the public.
By wandering around and touching the universes on display with your eyes and fingers, you will be able to understand that each creation is alive and adapts to you through a series of high-tech captors. Transitions between the spaces are free, just like your movements, and there is no signage to guide you. You will have to create your own visit, which will incidentally change every time you come to the museum. A few hours will be necessary to roam the 50 different environments, gathered into 5 different sections with distinct thematic natures (mankind, nature, technology etc…). A dream awake!

MORI Building Digital Art Museum: TeamLab Borderless
Odaiba Palette Town
1-3-8 Aomi, Koto-ku
Tokyo 135-0064

+81 (0) 3 6406 3949