Momenya, an authentic izakaya

izakaya - traditional
Momenya, an authentic izakaya

Izakayas are a must for whoever wants to discover Japanese cuisine. In Tokyo, Momenya takes the concept further, drawing direct inspiration from the island's culinary traditions.

At the end of a working day in Tokyo, all hands are on deck in izakaya restaurants. These taverns are akin European brasseries: there, you can try popular dishes paired with local alcohols – to be enjoyed in moderation. They are regular hangouts for salarymen who come to release the pressure. In Shinjuku, Momenya adopts a style familiar in the Kansai region, south of the Island. In the heart of Tokyo, this izakaya boasts a welcoming setting, mostly made of wood. You will take a seat on a zabuton, typical cushion used as a chair around a zataku, a traditional low table. Solitary diners will usually sit at the counter facing the open kitchen, and order a plate of tuna sashimi served with sake, or Japanese spring rolls using organic tofu, homemade yuba (soy curds) and fresh fish from the Toyosu market.

1-6-16 Takadanobaba
Union Building B1F
169-0075 Tokyo

+81 3 3232 1221

Menu: around 3,000 JPY