Mfangano Island Camp, right on the beach

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Mfangano Island Camp, right on the beach

Escape to the heart of Lake Victoria, on an island cut off from the world and a hotel made up of small huts.

If you feel the need to get away, the Mfangano Island hotel is a great choice. You can make believe you are an adventurer crossing the calm waters of the great lake on which dhows – traditional boats – can be seen sailing with their traditional white sails.
Mfangano is only a camp in name, as the services on offer are only the best. Each hut has a charming interior and a small private veranda. You will be so close to the lake, separated by just a few rocks and flowers that you can relax in symbiosis with the cormorants, pelicans and other water birds whose slow and gentle fly-bys will punctuate your day. The high point of the evening is dinner set upon a table on the pontoon, in the setting sun with a few oil lamps to light the dishes. You will be served products just picked from the hotel's own gardens and fresh fish of the day.

Mfangano Island Camp
Lake Victoria
Mfangano Island

+254 20 273 4000

Rooms: from 24,000 KES