Melloo, musical street food

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Melloo, musical street food

Paying a pizza or a burger in records? At Melloo, it is possible. This small street food restaurant is popular among music collectors and DJ sets.

The relaxed atmosphere can be felt even before you pass the threshold: through the picture window of this small, trendy restaurant in the Novoli neighbourhood, you will notice a bunch of hipsters and music lovers trade vinyl records against a burger, a pizza or some craft beer. Melloo is all for trading, and the concept is popular among DJ set aficionados and food lovers. The pizza dough is homemade, using only handmade organic flour, and slowly rises for 56 hours before it is baked.

More importantly, pizzas, burgers and other tapas take a different flavour when enjoyed while listening to audiophile records. Melloo's collection built through trades grows day by day and remains accessible to all. Order a Jamaican Jerk burger (smoked marinated chicken and spicy sauce) or the signature pizza (tomatoes, flor di latte, Tuscan sausage and ‘nduja, the Calabrese pork sausage) whilst you pick something to spin among the various gems in the collection. At night, these 33” and 45” are given a new lease on life, used by DJs who transform the small restaurant into a trendy dance bar.

Via Luigi Gordigiani 4r
50127 Firenze

Tel : +39 333 758 1154

Menu: around 8 EUR