Meeting in Rio Perdido

Meeting in Rio Perdido

Immersed in vegetation at the edge of a canyon, this hotel respects the environment and integrates itself into the abundance of nature, which supplies it with thermal waters for relaxation.

Set in a private nature reserve, this jewel of a design hotel shines for its welcome at the foot of the Miravalles Volcano in the Cordillera de Guanacaste. The 20 bungalows with contemporary, colourful decor nestle in the rainforest, which may be explored via a path through the canopy to observe the teeming fauna and flora, or trekking along suspension bridges. These span the rivers, but you can go down from them to bathe in the water and the natural hot pools. They are the result of volcanic activity nearby, which also supplies the Hotel Spa. Provisions for the restaurant are also local, fresh and tasty, constituting the ingredients for ceviches, fajitas and light salads. A secret haven for a return to well-being and the pleasures of admiring nature.

Rio Perdido
San Bernardo de Bagaces
50401 Bagaces
Provincia de Guanacaste

+506 2673 3600

Rooms: from 151,033 CRC