Meet the Roman gods at the ruins of Baalbek

Meet the Roman gods at the ruins of Baalbek

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Bacchus were once celebrated here. Today, the great Greco-Roman temples are only ruins, which testify however to the splendour of the past.

Just 90 kilometres from Beirut stand the ruins of the Phoenician city of Baalbek, formerly called ‘Heliopolis' or ‘city of the sun'. Listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, these Greco-Roman temples were erected in honour of Jupiter, Venus, Bacchus and Mercury and are among the largest ever built.

As you walk along, you will feel the weight of history, of the people who worshiped their gods in these places until they left these monuments fall to ruin over the years.

Admire the temple of Bacchus, the best preserved site, which contains remains of Bacchic sculptures—the one dedicated to Venus, which is distinguished by its circular shape, is the smallest. Finally, the sanctuary of Jupiter is the largest with its imposing columns more than twenty meters high—they seem to reach up and touch the sky.

Baalbek Ruins