Martyrs Memorial, the Eternal Flame

Martyrs Memorial, the Eternal Flame

On the heights of Algiers in El Madania, this monument was erected in 1982 on the 20th anniversary of Algeria's Independence.

Building this thin 92-metre-high monument in a highly sismical area was a technological challenge that was met by a canadian company and three artists (painter Bachir Yelles, calligrapher Abdelhamid Skander and polish sculptor Marian Konieczny). Part of the problem was solved using vertical concreting for each of the fins.
The monument rests on those three leaves that join mid-height, with an Islamic turret topped with a dome at the centre. On top of each leaf stands a soldier, each representing a stage towards independence. The Memorial rests on an esplanade where an Eternal Flame burns. The site includes a crypt, an amphitheatre and the Museum of El Mujahid.
Please note that several restaurants are located in the vicinity, favoured meeting places of businessmen from all around the world and delicate food lovers. They include Tantra, El Boustene, Grill Room and Bon Gibier.

Martyrs Memorial, Maqam Echahid
Chemin Omar Kechkar
El Madania
16000 Algiers

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