Marigot: a bustling French capital

Marigot: a bustling French capital

At the heart of Saint Martin, Marigot's trendy boutiques rub shoulders with the traditional stalls of yesteryear.

The island's French capital, Marigot, is host to a large outdoor market, where the excitement and hospitality of its inhabitants are on display every morning. Located on the harbour, it is here that locals pick up their seasonal products, fresh fish, and meat. As for produce, this is all sourced from neighbouring islands as nothing grows on Saint Martin.

You will also find a host of crafts: paintings, sculptures, clothing, and jewellery decorated with Larimers, the rare pale blue stones of Dominican origin that are the pride of the Caribbean. Close by is Fort Saint Louis, the 18th-century building that dominates the city and offers a superb view over the bay. South of the city, Marina Port La Royale and its luxury boutiques attract a wealthy clientele. Close to continuous bustle, you can visit the Saint Martin Museum, telling the story of the island from the time of the very first settlers.

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