Manawa Café, the relaxing spot

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Manawa Café, the relaxing spot

Whether for a gourmet break or simply to please the eye, this coffee shop – also offering a boutique and gallery – is a looker.

In a fantastic mix of styles and periods, various objects take centre stage at Manawa Café, like genuine works of art. And there will assuredly be something for everyone. If you feel peckish, start off with some bissap juice – made of dried hibiscus flowers – that you could pair with a delicious waffle with honey for instance. In the meantime, and while comfortably settled in your bench seat, gaze at the retro-chic furniture, decorative trinkets, cushions printed with afro patterns and crockery made in Africa. Shopping addicts will be in wonderland as everything has a price tag here! Depending on your mood, you may leave with a painting, a beautiful wicker armchair or a statuette under your arm. You will even find an area devoted to local craft, created by artists from the continent. A perfect blend of cultural and culinary pleasures!

Manawa Café
Riviera 3 (in front of the International Community School)

+225 04 16 16 16

Menu: around 5,250 XOF