Los Dominicos, craftsmanship in all its forms

Los Dominicos, craftsmanship in all its forms

Proud of its arts and crafts, the Los Dominicos Village is the perfect place to find a souvenir of your Chilean journey to bring back home.

With an area of 27,000 sqm, Los Dominicos is the largest craft centre in the country. If you have the opportunity during your holiday, take a detour through this charming village to find the rare gem. Here is a concentration of at least 160 workshops all selling the highest quality items, handmade by couturiers, sculptors, painters, ceramists, cabinetmakers… You will simply be carried away by the many wonders.
For over 30 years, artisans from the region have set up shop near the Church of San Vicente Ferrer – an elegant monument with its two green copper cupolas – to attract tourists and showcase their craft.
However, do not expect only craftsmanship in Los Dominicos. Houses are built in adobe, a clay mixed with water and straw, which gives the village typical fascinating character. Besides visiting the shops, you will also have the opportunity to attend concerts and plays, take a walk in the botanical garden and enjoy many traditional dishes.

Los Dominicos Village
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Las Condes
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