Lorsbacher Thal: the city's best tavern

Lorsbacher Thal: the city's best tavern

A stay in Frankfurt is incomplete without dinner in a typical tavern. This fabulous spot serves traditional and generous cuisine, washed down with Apfelwein, the region's famous apple cider.

The best taverns in Frankfurt are on the right bank of the Main, and the best of the best is the Lorsbacher Thal in old Sachsenhausen. Run for generations by the Dorn family, it is a lively place with rustic charm that specialises in Apfelwein cider, with more than 100 on the menu, all made with small apples from the region. The fare is traditional and delicious: pork chops and fried potatoes, sauerkraut, breaded schnitzels, frankfurters with cheese and onions, and the delicious green sauce that accompanies everything. Portions are served generously for strong appetites. The decor is just as traditional, with solid wood tables and benches, and the ambience is very convivial, with conversations between tables throughout the meal.

Lorsbacher Thal
Große Rittergasse 49
60594 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69 6164 59


Menu: from 25 EUR