Life Pizzeria Bio: a pizzeria unlike any other

organic pizzeria
Life Pizzeria Bio: a pizzeria unlike any other

Following a philosophical concept with great sincerity and commitment, Life Pizzeria Bio is responsible dining at its most delicious.

More than just another pizzeria in the land of pizza, Life Pizzeria Bio is committed to engaged, eco-friendly commerce. It's hard-core about it, too: everything is organic, local, and in season, and all animal products are free-range.

Guaranteed traceability and a zero-carbon footprint are the two pillars of the first pizzeria with AIAB certification, the Italian organic label. But come here for the taste! The menu will please carnivores, vegans, and vegetarians alike, with straight-up classics (margherita, regina) alongside bolder pies tomatoes, anchovies, sweet onions, mozzarella, sausage and endive. Try the capriveganosa: tomato coulis, mushrooms, artichokes and… tofu! Locavores, environmentalists, and just really hungry folk will be seduced by the cause and the food.

Life Pizzeria Bio
Via Cassia, 701
00189 Roma

+39 06 33265318

Menu: around 25 EUR