Les Bains de Montpellier: a modish oasis in the heart of the city

Les Bains de Montpellier: a modish oasis in the heart of the city

A gourmet haven of calm and coolness, Les Bains is anchored in authenticity.

Since 1998, Guy Falco has brought new life to the former public baths of Montpellier, this heritage curiosity having been unfairly shunned until then. The grand and unusual setting does not in the least imply convoluted cooking. Cod aioli and lukewarm vegetables, veal breaded escalope with gorgonzola sauce and linguine or beef tartare with goat cheese are the result of a simple, fresh cuisine, where the product, without artifice, takes centre stage.

Seated on the incredible patio, you may imagine yourself in an oasis of freshness, with the canvas of the white parasols so big they look like a camp canopy, and the century old palm trees and the pond at its centre conferring Mediterranean cool. There is a different atmosphere inside, but it is just as appealing, with original exposed brick, oak floors, and velvet lining the seats. Ideal for a late or romantic dinner, the tone is cosy and refined in and out, so which will you choose?

Les Bains de Montpellier
6 rue Richelieu
34000 Montpellier

+33 (0)4 67 60 70 87


Menu: around 30 EUR for lunch and 40 EUR for dinner