Learn about modern and emerging Native American Art

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Learn about modern and emerging Native American Art

The Steinbrueck Native Gallery displays beautifully arranged rare works.

The gallery pays tribute to Seattle's distant Indian past. Far from “ancient” art collections usually displayed in more traditional museums in the city, it mainly exhibits modern and contemporary Native American works. There you will discover not only the most recent work of many Native American peoples of Washington State, but also of western Canada. Do not hesitate to ask their passionate employees any questions, as they will be delighted to enrich your visit.
In the midst of the various treasures displayed, your eyes will move quickly from an array of modern art – with its bright and colourful hues – to some of the wonders of craft and weaving, not to mention the splendid collections of masks and jewellery. With permanent exhibitions and various occasional events, Steinbrueck does incredible educational work for Native American culture.

Steinbrueck Native Gallery
2030 Western Avenue
98121 Seattle

+1 206 441 3821