Le Planeur Bleu: the fun and fascinating world of insects

Le Planeur Bleu: the fun and fascinating world of insects

This museum and association of the same name displays extraordinary collections of endemic butterflies and insects in French Guiana.

Philippe Soler, a school teacher who has lived in the village of Cacao for 25 years, is the origin of this lively museum. After devoting a quarter of his life to the study of insects, their ecosystems, and their relationship with humans, he now puts on a show with his tenants-insects, both dead and alive and unveils some pretty amazing facts and figures about them. For, example, there are a staggering number of insects on the planet today, somewhere between three and eight million species, and they are particularly numerous in countries, like French Guiana, in the Intertropical Convergence Zone.

In a tank recreating their natural habitat, some are impressive; others, like the tarantula hawk, a spider wasp that hunts tarantulas, the black tunnel web spider, and the giant scorpion, are wrongly feared. The collection of butterflies is gorgeous and fascinating, as you can see in vivo their symbiotic relationships with flowers and ants, and their exceptional mimetic abilities.

There are also many artefacts, including Native American pottery and gold-panning equipment dating back to the 17th century.


Le Planeur Bleu Museum
Bourg de Cacao
97352 Roura

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