Lake Victoria, 68 100 sq km of sheer beauty

Lake Victoria, 68 100 sq km of sheer beauty

The biggest lake of the African continent shelters the treasures of a lost paradise.

The second biggest stretch of freshwater on earth after Lake Superior in North America, Lake Victoria is also the fourth largest in the world.
From Nairobi, access the town of Kisumu on the northeast tip of the lake in a twin-engine plane. The flight is an incredible introduction to the marvel that awaits you. You may also reach the area by train – expect a 15-hour ride – with breathtaking landscapes along the way. It will also be an occasion to cross the Great Rift Valley!
With sublime treks amid yellow oleander, discovery of a remarkable prehistorical site that looms 562 metres over the lake, or even boat excursions, there are many possible options to visit this inland sea. You'll witness local fishermen who do not miss an opportunity to fish for the Nile perch in a calm and blissful setting.