La Marsa: traditional elegance

La Marsa: traditional elegance

This charming seaside neighbourhood is reachable by the TGM train.

Located 18 kilometres north-east of Tunis, many consider La Marsa the most welcoming of the northern Tunis suburbs. Visitors will find clear, green water on the shore in a warm, family-friendly atmosphere with multiple terraces in the sun.

La Marsa retains its character from yesteryear when it was a summer residence for high-ranking officials of the Ottoman empire. You can admire many houses that have retained an epochal style, the restored synagogue, or the Abdalliya Palace right near the port. Perhaps you can grab a meal at the Factory restaurant, in the Koubet El Haoua building on stilts right at the entry to the beach.

In the late afternoon, take time to unwind with a drink at the Saf Saf Café, and enjoy the sunset before taking in the evening entertainment that will brighten up your night.