La Fourchette: quality cuisine!

lounge brasserie
La Fourchette: quality cuisine!

This restaurant is a hit for its French cuisine and bar lounge with a pleasant garden and for aficionados, Cuban cigars.

At noon, the management of the neighbouring banks come here to lunch. Attached to the Afriland First Bank, La Fourchette is their favourite canteen at noon. In the evening, they may even come back with friends to enjoy a cocktail in one of the many cosy armchairs in the lounge. The atmosphere is casual, with relaxing background music.

Scallops stuffed with crab, leg of lamb or a fish filet, the menu offers cuisine with French accents. It is the reference by which they go. If Douala residents appreciate the restaurant so much, it is because the dishes are delicious, generous, and the preparation perfect, but also because it is a tradition that every dinner ends with a Cuban cigar. Indeed, the bartender offers an incredible selection. And all are Made in Cuba!

La Fourchette
Rue du Prince de Galles

+237 699 92 64 66

Menu: around 14,600 XAF