Kloof Street House, The Urban Oasis

Kloof Street House, The Urban Oasis

Between a house from another era and a wild garden, Kloof Street House possesses the indescribable charm of an exceptional location.

A restored Victorian building, marvellous eclectic garden: Kloof Street House takes on the poetry of a place that experiences a new life after having lived many others.

Located in the Gardens district, enter a welcoming universe with colours abound. Pendant chandeliers and tealights adorn the place with a warm light.

On the menu, cuisine from around the world: Moroccan-style lamb, couscous seeds and red cabbage or quinoa moussaka, baba ganoush, arugula and parmesan cheese. After the main course, finish with a dark chocolate fondant with homemade toasted marshmallow and marshmallow ice cream, subtly regressive, yet delicious!

At the heart of the bustling Kloof Street, choose between a candlelight dinner amidst lush vegetation or listening to a jazz concert on a Sunday at brunch time.

Kloof Street House
30 Kloof Street
8005 Cape Town

+27 (0)21 423 4413


Menu: around 285 ZAR