Kenya or Kilimanjaro mountain? Reach new heights!

Kenya or Kilimanjaro mountain? Reach new heights!

You will need to catch your breath and be tough to climb up the highest and most beautiful Kenyan peaks, but the feeling up there is well worth the effort…

The highest peaks of Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro stand respectively tall at 5,199 and 5,891 metres. If you feel like a certified trekker in your heart and soul, you will surely want to beat these two emblematic African summits. Even if you choose only to climb up only one, the thrill will remain the same.
Second highest peak in Africa, Mount Kenya stands out with its snowy crests. The spectacular rugged terrain and valleys filled with high altitude lakes give it amazing character. Little visited compared to its Kilimanjaro counterpart, it is located only 140 kilometres north of Nairobi.
The other giant rises in the northeast of Tanzania, about 200 kilometres from the Kenyan capital. There, forests lead to plains before you can try and cross over the dark slopes of this mountain chain, including three dormant volcanoes. Globe-trotter adventurers and seasoned hikers, we'll see you on top of Africa!