Kasbar, gastronomical epic into contemporary Morocco

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Kasbar, gastronomical epic into contemporary Morocco

In the Eaux-Vives neighbourhood, Kasbar is a trendy Moroccan restaurant in a modern and inviting setting.

On Henri-Blanvalet Street, brimming with trendy addresses, Moroccan restaurant Kasbar stands out with stripped-down and airy decoration. A few ethnic items and colourful tapestries adorn the walls and a large yellow and green fresco reveals a geometrical pattern inspired by the moucharabieh, the famous architectural element traditionally found in Arab countries.
In the lobby, and under huge wicker lampshades, a mixologist perfects their craft behind an emerald-tiled covered counter – the colour also being used in the more intimate alcove with jade green velvet sofa benches. In this cosy atmosphere, the menu showcases shareable mezze. Vegetable briouats and beetroot hummus, Tanger style cromesquis croquetes served with watercress-avocado hummus and why not smoked eggplant zaalouk will take your palate on a delightful journey through Moroccan gastronomy.

Rue Henri-Blanvalet 23
1207 Geneva

+41 (0)22 736 27 46


Menu: around 50 CHF