Jeita Grotto: natural wonder of humanity

Jeita Grotto: natural wonder of humanity

Located 18 kilometres north of Beirut, the gigantic Jeita Grotto's interconnected caves are among the most impressive in the world.

Located in Nahr al-Kalb, about 350 metres above sea level in a wide green valley, these vestiges of prehistory are an absolutely unique spectacle. The waterfalls and air currents cause a deafening noise, hence the name Jeita means ‘roar'. The caves, reachable partly on foot and partly by boat, consist of two distinct sections.

Discovered in 1958 by a Lebanese team of speleologists, the upper part, called the ‘dry galleries' are visited on foot. An access tunnel 120 metres long immerses you in a lunar theatre of monumental arches and stalagmites.

The lower part, discovered in 1836, is accessed by canoe along the same underground river that provides drinking water for Beirut. In winter, the lower part is closed.

Jeïta Grotto
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