Isolina, Peruvian culinary heritage regained

traditional gastronomy

In the Barranco neighbourhood, an old inn sheds its skin and offers traditional Peruvian recipes that were almost gone.

Criolla cuisine – traditional and popular Peruvian gastronomy – almost disappeared. That is, until José del Castillo stepped in. The chef and owner wants to pay tribute to the dishes from his childhood and to do so, he set up home in an old inn and bodega built in 1906, now listed as Peruvian historical heritage. Completely and tastefully restored, retaining the exposed beams of the structure, it keeps the past in check but opens up to the future. Make a first stop at the bar on ground floor for homemade cocktails, before climbing up to greater things.

You will taste a cuisine mainly based off sauce and offals, yet modernised for new generations of food lovers. Meat stews, sausages and tacu tacu (rice and broad beans mix) will provide for a change of scenery. Fear not, the menu offers a multitude of more classic dishes that are no less delicious: the ceviche, for instance, is a safe bet.

Av San Martin 101
Lima 15063

+51 (0)1 247 5075

Menu: from 60 PEN