In dinosaur footprints at Burke Museum

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In dinosaur footprints at Burke Museum

Little ones love to explore the astonishing collections from this historic place that holds many surprises.

Established in 1899, the Burke Museum is one of the oldest natural history museums in the United States. Expect to see real treasures by perusing the fascinating departments dedicated to palaeontology, as well as botany.
The Seattle region was a rich field of discovery in all areas of life and Earth sciences, allowing the Burke Museum to gather one of the finest collections of fossils in the United States. In particular, don't miss the famous T. Rex skull, discovered by a Burke Museum team in 2016.
Numerous children's activities are offered throughout the year, particularly to reveal the behind-the-scenes work of palaeontologists. During the summer, entire days are even dedicated to toddlers with themed workshops. And guess which are the most popular? Those about dinosaurs, of course!

Burke Museum
1413 NE 45th Street
98105 Seattle

+1 206 543 7907