I Carbonari, the taste of simplicity

I Carbonari, the taste of simplicity

This charming restaurant is among the best in the area, and not without reason.

A few steps from the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, it is impossible to resist the fragrance full of promise that escapes from the restaurant I Carbonari. There, students from the Tor Carbone vocational training institute do their utmost to pay tribute to the unique flavours of Italian cuisine, under the leadership of Luca Russo, just as gracious as he is demanding.
Primarily inspired by the specialties of Roman cuisine, I Carbonari offers quality dishes prepared in a simple manner: crushed pumpkin flowers and fries stuffed with mozzarella, tagliatelle with amatriciana sauce, pancakes stuffed with scamorza, cherry tomatoes and arugula. For dessert, treat yourself to their famous tiramisu or blackberry muffins with mascarpone cream.
Made in Italy”, is the restaurant's principle! When will you next visit?

I Carbonari
Via di San Cosimato, 12
00153 Roma

+39 06 5830 0374


Menu: around 20 EUR