Honey, I packed up the kids!

Honey, I packed up the kids!

Visiting the White City with your entire family? Casablanca is full of parks and attractions for your bright and energetic little angels.

In the heart of the city, the Sindibad spreads out over 32 hectares of green areas: games and attractions located in an ecological park entirely devoted to animals.
On a smaller scale, meet up at Art Nature and Bouskou Farm, which should please both young and old.
Southwest of Casablanca, Loupi Jungle provides secured entertaining facilities where you are sure to find magic and wonder.
A few kilometres away, The Crazy Park spreads over one hectare of fun and games for the whole family.
Finally, on the northwestern border of Casablanca, Adventureland offers activities that will stimulate children's imagination with huge attractions, video simulations, and an ice rink!
For a family culinary experience, try La Grange restaurant, near the Bouskoura forest, enjoy a pizza or paëlla and let the kids rush down nearby slides, tame farmhouse animals, or even ride poneys and sit in a horse-drawn carriage.
On the road to Dar Bouaaza, at Chez Marie-Jeanne, the vibe is different, here the restaurant business is a family affair. Watch at The Little Farm or Dream Village as your children play among rabbits, peacocks and little goats.

Parc Sindibad by Walibi
Corner of Boulevard de l'Océan Atlantique and Avenue du Golfe Arabique
20140 Casablanca

Tel : +212 522 79 68 62



Ferme de Bouskou
Route Ouled Saleh Bouskoura
20140 Casablanca

Tel : +212 661 77 82 11


Parc Loupi Jungle
Corner of Boulevard de l'Océan Atlantique and Avenue du Golfe Arabique
20140 Casablanca

Tel +212 522 90 06 07



Crazy Park
Route d'Azemmour, km 16
Oued Merzeg
Dar Bouazza

Tel : +212 522 29 05 07


Corner of Boulevard de l'Océan et boulevard de Corniche
20140 Casablanca

Tel : +212 522 79 88 77



La Grange
Km 14 route de Bouskoura
27182 Bouskoura

Tel : +212 522 33 43 88



Chez Marie-Jeanne
PK 18 Douar Araba
Route d'Azemour
Dar Bouazza

Tel : +212 522 33 01 38