Hassan Basha Mosque, Ottoman symbol in Oran

Hassan Basha Mosque, Ottoman symbol in Oran

It was built by Baba Hassan Basha of Algiers in 1796 to celebrate the withdrawal of the Spanish. Oran then became Ottoman.

In a way, its history is one of an eternal cycle. After French occupation, the mosque was handed back to the Muslims in 1833. Later on, Napoleon III ordered that it be restored for the first time. Hence the presence of the Emperor's coat of arms on the entrance vaults. In 2007, the American Government made a donation in order to further restore the building. The mosque is in the process of being listed as historical monument.
Octagonal and adorned with earthenware, the thin and delicate minaret rises up like an arrow in the sky. The flat roof is covered in its centre with a large dome surrounded by smaller ones. Does it ring a bell? Once again, byzantine influences are to be felt, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul being the obvious source of inspiration.

Hassan Basha Mosque
31000 Oran