Hammamet: a beach town

Hammamet: a beach town

South of Cape Bon, Hammamet has become the top tourist destination of Tunisia, in part thanks to the efforts, in the 1930s, of the Romanian-born millionaire Georges Sebastien.

Just 80 kilometres from Tunis, Hammamet is a resort town that is extremely popular with international tourists and Tunisians alike. With its mild climate and never-ending beaches, the southern part of Cape Bon has continually renewed its popularity.

A former fishing village, the town is one of the two other major tourist destinations in the country, along with Djerba. While the beaches are the main reason, the heart of the medina, surrounded by ramparts, remains a good place for walks, thanks to its sparkling white houses with their colourful doors.

Many narrow streets lead you to the souk and the kasbah, built on an ancient fort. Once at the top, enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the beaches and orchards. You will discover a warm and relaxed, vibrant city, full of charm. Also visit the villa of Georges Sebastian, a wealthy Romanian-born gentleman who brought many stars to his winter home, which was featured in American and Parisian Vogue in the 1930s.

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Hammamet 8050

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