Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este, a lovely excursion

Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este, a lovely excursion

A few kilometres from the capital, the city of Tivoli is home to the architectural wonders from the time of the Roman emperors.

To escape the hustle and bustle of Rome, there is nothing like a day trip to the charming city of Tivoli, less than an hour drive from the centre of Rome. It was here, in ancient Tibur, that emperor Hadrian had a villa built, decorated with reproductions of the most beautiful works of art seen during his numerous travels. The emperor spent his last years between the marble, sculptures and frescoes of this splendid architectural complex where nymphs stand alongside pavilions, baths and gardens.
Four kilometres away, don't miss visiting the second most symbolic place of the ancient city. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2002, Villa d'Este is just as remarkable as Hadrian's Villa with the ingenuity of the outdoor works in its Giardini delle Meraviglie: a true 16th-century masterpiece. Admire this breathtaking site brimming with extravagant gardens. Feast your eyes on the famous Fountain of Neptune, signed by Bernini, and discover the fabulous history it holds.

Hadrian's Villa
Largo Marguerite Yourcenar 1
00010 Tivoli
+39 07 7453 0203

Villa d'Este
Piazza Trento, 5
00019 Tivoli
+39 07 7431 2070