Habibah, the temple of sweetness

pastry shop
Habibah, the temple of sweetness

This is THE pastry place in Amman—the best, the most famous, and one that should not be missed!

Open since 1955, this bakery has been around for three generations. The grandfather of the current owner first opened it. And, still today, the shop is always full; such is its popularity with food lovers. At certain times of the day, the delightful fragrance of pistachio or rose wafts through Hussein Street. The shop's speciality is knafeh, a very big cake that looks like warm melted cheese, drizzled with honey syrup and covered with angel hair. It is entirely irresistible and is best eaten in the lounge upstairs, or, more typically, on a small plate, standing outside. There is almost always a crowd around the shop, savouring baklavah, ma'amoul and a multitude of other exquisite delicacies. You can also purchase perfectly packaged cakes to take home. They make the perfect gift to bring back from your trip.

Habibah Sweets
Marwan Madi Complex
Al Hazar Street 2
Amman 11162

+962 6 462 3549


Menu: around 6 JOD