Gospoda Kwiaty Polokie, rustic and flowery Poland

traditional - terrace
Gospoda Kwiaty Polokie, rustic and flowery Poland

In the heart of Warsaw's historic centre, Gospoda Kwiaty Polokie offers traditional food in a typical setting.

The restaurant looks to come straight from a fairy tale. It could be grandma's house in The Red Riding Hood, or Donkey Skin's in the back of the woods. It will be hard to miss it, with so many flowers on the terrace, by the windows, and even inside. Its character is mostly the result of a rustic style, with old wooden frames and shutters covered with drawn poppies and sunflowers.
In Warsaw, Gospoda Kwiaty Polokie (meaning “the tavern of Polish Flowers”) is akin to the traditional inn of old Polish countryside. Lacy place mats laid on hand-painted tables welcome generous servings of national gastronomy: choose typically Polish pork ribs (“would satisfy a wolf's appetite” as the menu claims), half a metre of traditional sausage or thyme-marinated rabbit, cooked with a green pea soup. There, whatever your level of hunger, you will leave satisfied!

Gospoda Kwiaty Polokie
Wąski Dunaj 4/6/8
00-256 Warsaw

+48 228 876 520


Menu: around 80 PLN