Get your fill of culture

Get your fill of culture

Look out, for you are about to enter a place filled with history! Founded in 1833, the Museu Nacional do Soares dos Reis was Portugal's very first public art museum.

Regent Dom Pedro IV wished to preserve and promote the monasteries' artistic properties and heritage for cultural and educational purposes, so he set up a museum in Porto for their canvases and engravings. From 1940 onwards, Museu Nacional do Soares dos Reis took up room in the Palácio dos Carrancas Neoclassical building. Works across the ages by Silva Porto, Gaspar Vaz and Henrique Pousão are on display in the permanent collections of Portuguese painting, and you will also find foreign paintings by Francis Clouet and Pierre-Antoine Quillard.
Other highlights include pieces of jewellery, ancient European and Eastern ceramics, Indian-Portuguese furniture and religious art. Wander through the sculptures of famous artist António Soares dos Reis, around the fountain in the Palace gardens, or among the shelving of a Hogwarts-like library.

Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis
Palácio dos Carrancas
Rua Dom Manuel II 44
4050-342 Porto

+351 22 339 3770