Gelati at Stefino

ice cream maker - organic
Gelati at Stefino

Where to eat the best ice cream in Bologna? Here is a question too difficult to answer. However, the irreplaceable Stefino Gelateria remains the trendiest.

Set amidst the student neighbourhood, only a few metres away from the university, Gelateria Stefino receives unanimous support, especially from the Bolognese youth.

It must be said that Stefino is without a doubt the most innovative regarding ethics and fair trade. Ice creams are certified "organic". Of course, they are homemade, and the products used in their composition all come from local producers. At Stefino, if some ice creams are vegan or gluten-free, the others are exclusively made of unpasteurised milk. Whatever the ingredients, they all are light, with low sugar and fat levels.

Whether they are ice creams or sorbets, available flavours are simple and adequate: Bourbon vanilla, Sicilian pistachio, chocolate, nougat, peach-orange blossom, lemon-basil and bergamot-orange...

Under the archways with an ice cream in hand ready for consumption, your day in Bologna will feel a little closer to heaven.

Gelateria Stefino
Via San Vitale 37/A
40125 Bologna

+39 051 587 4331

Menu: ice creams from 2.50 EUR