Gastrologik: New Nordic Cuisine

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Gastrologik: New Nordic Cuisine

Jacob Holstrom is the leader of a new generation of young Swedish chefs who are revisiting their roots and giving them a contemporary update.

Jacob Holstrom's cooking is a Nordic experience that you must try at least once in your life if you are passing through Stockholm. The Nordic tone is set as soon as you enter this starred restaurant: everything is in white, natural wood, while flavours are on par. Nordic, indeed.

Time to explore the menu, which changes daily. Today, the starter is forest-flavoured potato chips, followed by chicken meringue and apple, mushrooms with toasted yeast cream, smoked spring mackerel with green asparagus, cucumber granita and spruce shoots, and, finally, a crunchy oatmeal with honey. Like little music notes in a well-written score, each dish is present but different, scented with the forest undergrowth, and textured with the crunchiness of grain. It is impossible to be more natural.

Artillerigatan 14
114 51 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 662 30 60

Menu: around 1,800 SEK