Gallery Gorgi, expression of Tunisian contemporary art

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Gallery Gorgi, expression of Tunisian contemporary art

In the Sidi Bou Saïd suburb of Tunis, this space sheds a light on new art trends and the national contemporary scene.

Pioneer of contemporary art display and always on the lookout for upcoming Tunisian talents, Gallery A. Gorgi delights art lovers with each event. It used to be less specialised, but art direction was changed in 2010 under the impulse of curator Aïcha Gorgi. In that respect, the daughter of Abdelaziz Gorgi, painter and leading figure in 20th-century Tunisia, has chosen to concentrate exclusively on today's creation.
The gallery has since become a major player in the country. Twice a year, it presents a new thematic exhibition, directly linked to current issues, always innovative and judicious: take on life and the world by plastic artists, selection of works by several contemporary drawing artists… A. Gorgi is more than ever the current nursery for upcoming talents.

Galerie A. Gorgi
3, rue Sidi El Ghemrini
Sidi Bou Saïd 2026

+216 55 665 500