Full steam over Padre Island

Full steam over Padre Island

Head to South Padre Island, a heavenly island of the Gulf of Mexico where everything is sweet, simple and natural.

In order to reach the island, you have to drive along the coast towards Corpus Christi then take Road 358. It will take you about four hours, but it is worth it. The island is true haven for lovers of getaways and the sand is the whitest you're ever going to find.

Though a little on the arty side, the south of Padre Island is the meeting point of surfers and other sea sport lovers. Beware the month of March because armies of students come over for their spring break. If you want peace, you would be better off at that period.

The rest of the year, you can hop a boat for some morning fishing, or ride a horse on the beach at sunset. Up North, you will find the exceptional Padre Island National Seashore nature reserve.

Padre Island
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