Football, the opium of the Brazilian people

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Football, the opium of the Brazilian people

More than a passion, football is a religion for many Brazilians. During your stay, enthusiastically immerse yourself in a “futebol” match.

The famous Maracanã Stadium may have lost its splendour since the last Summer Olympics, but the practice of football has continually livened up Rio's streets, fields and squares. Evidence of a truly popular passion, the list of registered teams in Brazilian cities continues to grow, giving rise to classicos, where there are overstimulated, sometimes rowdy environments.
Book your spot in one of the city's many stadiums: Maracanã, João-Havelange Olympic Stadium or São Januário. Admire the footwork of Luís Fabiano or Thalles among the camarotes (boxes) or mingle with the buzzing crowd on the side of the arquibancadas (bleachers of fans). Nevertheless, be sure to follow the frenzied movement of the stands you are now a part of: the more crucial the match, the more competition there is, giving rise to rivalry between fans of both teams. Ready to mingle with football fans?

Maracanã Stadium
Av. Pres. Castelo Branco, Portão 3
Rio de Janeiro 20271-130

João-Havelange Olympic Stadium
José dos Reis, 425
Engenho de Dentro
Rio de Janeiro 20770-001

São Januário Stadium
R. Gen. Almério de Moura, 131
Vasco da Gama
Rio de Janeiro 20921-060