Food Tour Singapore: the many tastes of Singapore

culinary tour
Food Tour Singapore: the many tastes of Singapore

A cultural as well as culinary tour that will stimulate your taste buds with the authentic flavours of the capital.

Why not contemplate the city from a new perspective? Singapore Food Tour invites you to a delightful culinary experience.

Accompanied by a local guide who knows all the secrets of the city, you'll visit Chinatown, where you'll discover specifically chosen places that are beloved by Singaporeans. Try the oyster cake bakkutteh; or a meat stew garnished with a complex mixture of herbs and spices; or the famous popiah, rolls of sweet vegetables in a thin pancake; orpisanggoreng, fried plantain banana slices.

You'll sample about ten local dishes in total, each with unique, quirky, and delicious flavours, many of which you probably would never have dared try on your own. Don't show up with a full stomach!

Food Tour Singapore
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