Fonda NBO, a genuine Mexican “cantina”

Fonda NBO, a genuine Mexican “cantina”

In Nairobi, Fonda NBO offers a gastronomical round-trip to Mexico and its spicy recipes, in a typically Latin-American bistro.

With its truly Mexican cantina style, rustic furniture and Latin earthenware hanged on red and yellow walls, it is hard to believe you are still in the heart of Nairobi, 15,000 kilometres away. Fonda NBO – in Mexico, fonda signifies bistro – stands out with dishes using traditional recipes reworked with local and often organic products, for the smallest carbon footprint possible.
Even if tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas are available, the shining stars are somewhat different: let the mole poblano surprise you, a chicken breast covered with a chocolate (or cocoa), sesame, plantain and tortilla crumb sauce. More than thirty different ingredients are being used to create this blend of complex flavours. If typical dishes have your preference, then order some hot peppers stuffed with marinated vegetables and Oaxaca, a Mexican cheese similar to mozzarella. A very exotic gastronomical journey!

Fonda NBO
Rosslyn Riviera Mall
Limuru Road

+254 735 053 829 

Menu: around 2,000 KES